Colombia: the needed dialogue in the Oil and Gas sector relations

In Colombia, the main challenges for the oil and gas sector are related to the power that the Government has given to communities. Despite the positive impact that this measure has on the social development of the country, it also translates into a number of contradictions that might jeopardize the development of the industry.

Prior consultation is a legal instrument in Colombia established as a fundamental right for the indigenous and ethnic communities, as stated by the Constitutional Court: “The participation of indigenous communities in decisions that might affect them in relation to the exploitation of natural resources is characterized by the fact that the aforementioned participation, through the mechanism of consultation, is a fundamental right…”.

This report is the result of meetings with groups linked to the communication of oil and gas corporations who, based on their experiences and thoughts, discussed the relations of the community as regards industrial exploitation in their environment. This work is based on the UNO MAGAZINE of LLORENTE & CUENCA on natural resources and the current global circumstances in relation to the power of communities and the energy context.

María Esteve, Managing Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Colombia

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