Companies and LGBTIQ+ Diversity in Online Conversation

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Do companies only express their position on LGBTIQ+ diversity around the dates of Pride? Is this only
done by companies or do their leaders also get involved? What do they talk about? These are some of
the questions answered by the Companies and LGBTIQ+ Diversity in Online Conversation report recently
published by LLYC.

To extract these conclusions LLYC has used its data analytics capabilities. 300 corporate accounts
were analyzed. More specifically, the accounts of the 25 companies with the most Twitter followers in
each of the markets where LLYC operates were analyzed for the report. Their messages on Twitter
and those of their CEOs were mapped over the last three years (almost 80,000 tweets) and this was
cross-referenced against the conversation on LGBTIQ+ diversity taking place in society at large over
the same period (17.4 million mentions from 3.9 million profiles).

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