Consumer Engagement Trends for 2017

Which will be the keys to communication and consumer marketing for the upcoming months? In this report we analyze some of the main trends that will affect the relationship between brands and consumers. The heads of marketing and communication will have to shape more and more their answer to the inmediacy challenge (live videos), and to the closed channels (instant messaging).

Storytelling will lead the way to storydoing. The responsability of each story will be shared with more relevant personalities each time, such as Brand Youtubers focused on the idea of fandom. In addition to this, the physical experience will recover its importance in a saturated digital environment. This will make way to the phigital era.

We invite you to discover more about each one of this trends in this report that I wrote together with Ane Corcuera, Julio Alonso and Fernando Carruesco.

David G. Natal, Director of the Consumer Engagement Area for LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain

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