Corporate Reputation Management in Mexican Enterprises: Realities, Prospects and Opportunities

Dr. Mariela Pérez Chavarría –Professor and Researcher at the Department of Communication and Journalism at the Tecnológico de Monterrey–, the EGADE Business School and d+i LLORENTE & CUENCA announce this work which seeks to understand the way in which the leading Mexican corporations conceive and manage corporate reputation, to find out which practices they carry out in this respect and examine future trends for this strategic issue.

The study confirms the initial hypothesis: in Mexico corporate reputation is still a pipe dream and is yet to be considered as a long-term strategy to sustain the company. These data show that there are contradictions and conceptual confusion.

However, the importance of reputation as a competitive differentiating element which provides value for companies is indisputable. Among other advantages, it has been shown to increase sales, it attracts and keeps talent and investors; it contributes to forge alliances and, to a certain degree, also protects companies when a crisis arises.

Juan Rivera, Partner and Managing Director in LLORENTE & CUENCA Mexico

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