Democracy or Populism? 2023 Trends in Public Affairs

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Lobbying has always been used to drive and change a country’s public policy, with interest groups using it to influence public policies from outside the public sector. One of the main changes we are seeing today is that lobbying, defined by the OECD as a “legitimate act of public participation,” is becoming not just one tool, but the main tool for transforming public and regulatory policy. The fact that public policy changes are largely driven by the private sector (including companies, associations, and organized civil society in general) is ceasing to be an oxymoron or a conspiracy theory; now, it openly complements classic political participation.

In this report, LLYC’s Senior Director of Public Affairs – Spain Dr. Carmen Muñoz highlights one of the main trends surrounding this practice, using not only her own technological background and advanced insight, but also ChatGPT. Following is a brief but interesting analysis of 2023, focusing on the political and economic challenges across the countries where LLYC Public Affairs operates. As consultants serving our clients’ legitimate interests, we are committed to growth, job and wealth creation, stability, and the improvement of democracy in all our markets. 

Between economic, health, and humanitarian crises, the tension between populism and democracy has already marked the year. In this document, we would like to share our vision of business as an economic and social actor that can create balanced, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth. When we can achieve this, that’s the best recipe for peaceful coexistence and strong democracies.