Remaining relevant and influential in complex contexts

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Uncertainty, volatility, and skepticism are unavoidable parts of business management, especially when pursuing relevance and influence. In addition, our increasingly demanding society is urging organizations to become more involved in how they manage their companies. In the background, our world’s constant state of information overload means we only remember 3 or 4 of the 3,000 impacts we see each day. Companies can still remain relevant and influential in this turbulent, challenging, and transformative time, but it requires them to focus on the issues most relevant to their stakeholders, respond to societal concerns, and partner with communities of interest. To do this, businesses must listen and engage through a bold positioning strategy designed to make a social impact and positively impact reputation in the medium and long terms.

Our focus.

Opportunity areas. Use Big Data to identify regions where it is possible to establish solid, long-lasting relationships and where few competitors are present.


Social listening and engagement. People amplify conversations, and they can help take company messages from “relevant” to “influential.”


Partnerships. Form strategic alliances with key voices and opinion leaders to help build brand relevance and influence.


Bold positioning. Cultivate the courage to face risks boldly and the creativity to overcome them in innovative ways. A strong positioning strategy will be key to establishing differentiators and gaining legitimacy.