From agricultural to food law: the new scenario

The food industry has evolved since the creation of the European Economic Community (EEC) and the regulation of this activity occupies an important place in the European legislation.

After the Congress organized by the EFLA (European Food Law Association) a book titled “From agricultural to food law: the new scenario” was published. In this book, a multidisciplinary view is provided about aspects of agricultural and food policy of the European Union.

Although you will not find here the whole book (you can visit here), you can enjoy a selection that includes the presentation and the chapter “Legal problems arising out of the food alert system in Spain and Europe” written by Vicente Rodriguez Fuentes, lawyer specialized in the food industry and president of EFLA (also editor of the book), and “Food alert impact and reputation” where I highlight the need for careful attention to reputation in the food sector because of the sensitivity of the sector. The situation of demand and control by stakeholders requires employers and managers to act responsibly.

Jorge Cachinero, Corporate Director of Innovation in LLORENTE & CUENCA, Executive Director of the Senior Management Program and Professor at the IE Business School of Madrid.