Gray and Growing: The ticking time bomb of a rising over-65 population and how health systems must prepare

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Our society will see more older adults than children in just two decades. But what will this mean for our economy and social relations? How will homes look and feel, and what advertising strategies will be effective? What kind of approach should we take toward healthcare services to meet the needs of an aging population? These are essential questions that require urgent reflection and implementation of actions. We must start preparing for this significant societal shift to ensure a better future for all.

Population aging is a significant economic and social problem that could seriously impact the sustainability of healthcare systems and the lives of millions worldwide, especially in developing countries. It is an issue that needs to be talked about and addressed, especially from a public policy perspective

According to global multilateral organizations, aging is more than a health concern. It is an economic and social problem that transcends borders, cultures, and ideologies. The cost of providing specialized health services and infrastructure is high, and failing to address this issue could destabilize weak health systems worldwide, affecting millions of lives