Healthcare Trends 2022: a leading sector in mid-transformation

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Where is the health sector heading after two years of a pandemic? The health sector has been deeply impacted by this unprecedented pandemic in the 21st Century, which has radically changed the social, economic, and even cultural context in which we now live.

The different health stakeholders – the pharmaceutical industry, health professionals, institutions, patients, researchers, scientists, and all sector companies – will need to adapt. They will have to adopt measures in their area of expertise to conserve public health, offer a response to new patient needs, and make health systems increasingly more efficient and sustainable. They must also strive to guarantee access to dignified healthcare in any corner of the world.

This report contains the 12 key points identified by the Healthcare team at LLYC which will shape the future of health at a global level. We summarize the main trends that will set the agenda being developed by the health sector.

In collaboration with José Martínez Olmos, Secretary-General for Health (2004-2011) and Senior Public Affairs Advisor; Iñaki Ortega, Senior Director for “Executive” – Management Education – at LLYC and Emilio de Benito, Senior Health Advisor at LLYC. 



Georgina Rosell
Javier Marín
Adriana Ibargüen