How to reverse or mitigate reputation crises in digital communication ecosystems

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In the third and penultimate article of the “Resilience” series, we address the challenge of tackling reputation crises in a high pressure, high transparency, and visceral n environment. of maximum pressure, transparency and viscerality inThis is a guide to navigating the intense public communication standards that characterizes our post-digital societyies.

And we will do this from theOur goal is to foster a resilient attitude forof brands where  thatthey can face reality without falling into resignation or victimhood., From there they can seeking how to maximize their opportunities in complex contexts, andcontexts and harnessing the resources technology offers to improve their position. This is the attitude needed to overcome the reputational challenges of our timeschallenges companies face maintaining their reputations in these times.

We find ourselves in this time of truth whereCurrently companies face risks to their reputation during reputational risks materialize in the form of crisis communication. When an event takes place that tests the conduct of a brand, which is consumers look to see if it uphoelds to the value and expectations of its stakeholders and the collective values consumers hold. The brand becomes  its reputation, subject to judgement in the form ofas consumers shared beliefsshare their beliefs through various  different social communication platforms.

We have seen in previous articles that the best way to address this type orime of crisis is by anticipating and preparing for the reputational riskspotential risks to the company’s reputation involved. . Having already identified, evaluated, and assessed both their impact and probability, the company is ready to act to mitigate their effects. And, havingWith proper planninged and testinged the possible scenarios, you can prepareing the most effective responses to mitigate, avoid, and reverse their negative effects.

However, oOnce the crisis actually hits, everything is at stake, for better or for worse.




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