Integrity and Reputation

Developing ideas will present in the upcoming weeks in Spain, Portugal and those countries of Latin American where the Firm has presence the book Integrity and Reputation, the fifth in a series of publications that this year addresses the dimensions of integrity in the organizational environment in relation to reputation and that in its previous editions, has put the focus on Results, Citizenship, Leadership and Innovation.

This book, which contains a compilation of the best publications of 2015, is a collective work presented by José Antonio Zarzalejos, Member of the Advisory Board of our firm, and former director of ABC and El Correo. For the prologue we have had the honor of having Angel Alloza, CEO and Secretary General of Corporate Excellence-Center for Reputation Leadership. In addition, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Founder and CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, closes the book with an epilogue in which he presents his theory on the development of reputational risk and the various types of risks that exist and affect companies.

Through the contributions of various authors, Integrity and Reputation addresses issues such as politics and economy, corporate activism, collaborative economy, litigation and reputational risk, the digital transformation, development, environment and culture or revolution branded entertainment, amongst others.

In short, this book embodies the effort of the Center for Leadership through Knowledge of the Firm to continue the work of studying and delving into those issues that are essential for decision makers of business, political, economic and social areas.

I hope it will be of your interest.

José Antonio Llorente
Founder and Chairman at LLORENTE & CUENCA

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