Mining in Latin America: A chance to carve a new path

  • Trends
    Latin America
    Artificial Intelligence
  • Sector
    Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Countries
    Dominican Republic

The mining industry has been under close scrutiny due to past mistakes, misinformation, and negative impacts. While it was once seen as a source of wealth and development, society’s perception of it has changed over time. This change coincided with the rise of new forms of communication that gave voice to oppositional activism, leading to a fundamentally negative perception of the industry.

Despite the industry’s efforts to learn, repair, and correct its mistakes, it still struggles to connect with public opinion. Now,even when the industry focuses on sharing new initiatives promoting development by investing in local projects and sustainable practices, the messages do not seem to be effectively connecting with the public.

At LLYC, we believe that it’s time to own the story and give it a new spin to balance perceptions of the mining sector. We need to recognize that the industry has a responsibility in the global challenge of energy transition and has the potential to provide development alternatives for millions of people in the region. The mining sector has a crucial opportunity to reinvent itself and establish a meaningful connection with society.

We’ve developed a framework based on decades of experience working with the mining industry globally, with a focus on Latin America. Using big data analysis, we’ve explored how people talk about mining and how the media portrays the industry. Our goal is to create a roadmap that can help reshape the narrative of the industry and improve its public perception.