Carmen Gardier and Alejandro Dominguez to Lead LLYC’s Digital Area

LLYC has announced the appointment of Carmen Gardier and Alejandro Domínguez as global Digital Department heads. They will both report to Adolfo Corujo, Partner and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, who leads the Deep Digital Business (DDB) Department.

Gardier, the Senior Digital Manager for LLYC in Peru will oversee the area for the Americas region, including the United States. Alejandro Dominguez, Senior Digital Manager in Spain, will be responsible for Europe. Their joint leadership will be based on boosting innovation in company offerings, supporting local teams to help them achieve their business plans, promoting joint marketing actions, continuing to stimulate the exchange of best business practices and case studies, and adapting go-to-market strategies to each country’s local needs. LLYC’s Digital Area will form part of the new DDB Department, which encompasses services and solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Management, Digital Transformation, and Inbound Marketing. This represents the firm’s strategic vision for the future, consolidating digital, technological, and marketing trends under the single umbrella of innovation.

According to Alejandro Dominguez, “Our purely digital strategic vision, combined with the integration of all our Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Management, Inbound Marketing and Digital Transformation capacities, will allow us to take another step toward developing the most innovative marketing and communication solutions. Deep Digital Business is an ambitious endeavor that is not only focused on our clients’ current needs, but also on anticipating those that will arise in the future”.

For her part, Carmen Gardier, “The transformation of communications through smart data is already a reality. Advanced data analytics allow better decisions to be made, potential future scenarios to be predicted, and today’s communications to be optimized. By unifying these three disciplines and the best professionals, we will coordinate all our efforts to continue serving our clients, and offering the most advanced solutions available”.