“Anticipate:” LLYC presents the keys to managing today’s new communications era

Today, LLORENTE & CUENCA presented its new value proposition, entitled “Anticipate: Embrace Disruption.” This describes how organizations should face uncertainty in today’s environment to harness opportunities and minimize risks associated with the disruption inherent to our interactions in an ever-changing world.

To accompany this evolution, the firm is adopting shorter and more concise brand (LLYC), enhanced by a new visual identity. It is also rolling out a new approach—used on its new website, for example—to explaining what it does each day for hundreds of companies across its 16 branches in 13 countries.

“Since LLORENTE & CUENCA was founded in 1995, we have never stopped evolving and seeking to position ourselves as the communications and public affairs consulting firm our clients need,” said Jose Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and Chairman of LLYC. “As our clients, the market and our sector are currently undergoing a series of far-reaching changes, we needed to reflect on whether we were best-placed to continue our work as an irreplaceable brand. The result is a value proposition much more in line with this disruptive context, one that puts us ahead of the curve to offer the best solutions to challenges our clients face. Anticipation is the answer.”

Anticipate: Embrace Disruption

We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, one in which remaining a step ahead is essential. This far-reaching transformation offers enormous opportunities, but also implies unprecedented risks for any business that fails to evolve with enough flexibility and urgency.

Leading companies, their directors and their executives, know the nature of this change revolves around communications. Ways we established relationships only a decade ago are no longer valid. Companies are now seeking modern formulas, because they know their business goals, reputations and social license to operate depend on the ability to find and implement these new methods.

Those who succeed in this are seeing their businesses grow exponentially, better able to defend their social license to operate and earning greater prestige.

“At LLYC, we help our clients utilize the most revolutionary aspects required by this new form of communication,” said Adolfo Corujo, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer. “We help them organize according to their narrative; accept the active involvement of their partners; comprehensively harness skills they have been developing but were storing until now (marketing, reputation, social responsibility, sponsorships, branding, corporate and regulatory affairs, etc.); realize the full capabilities of technology and transmedia experiences; and do all that while adhering to an extremely demanding codes of ethics.”

Creative Studio and Lifestyle 

This new commercial proposition includes the complete integration of two newly-incorporated companies: Impossible Tellers and Arenalia. “Impossible Tellers joins LLYC via a new area of expertise that will allow it to grow and develop more organically,” said Llorente. “We have called this area Creative Studio, in line with our commitment to creativity and an end-to-end service. The experience from these four years has been so positive that the team is joining the LLYC value chain as a new line of business, offering visual experience solutions through graphic design, production and audiovisual consultancy services. Arenalia, whose team is led by Oscar Iniesta, will offer its extensive experience in PR products, talent and creativity to a new area—Lifestyle. This will enhance our Consumer Engagement offering and the competitiveness of our office in Barcelona.”