LLYC Corporate Communications Area Launches New Knowledge Platform

The LLYC Corporate Communication Area has launched its new knowledge platform, formatted as a blog. Through it, the global public affairs and communication consultancy firm will bring further added value to its corporate communications practice.

The blog will include Spanish, English or Portuguese articles, technical notes and reports by executives and managers from the various areas that make up the LLYC Corporate Communication team, including Corporate Finance, Crisis, Leadership & Corporate Positioning and Legal Issues. The various professionals from these areas will add content to the blog, gathering and sharing relevant knowledge.

“Corporate Communication is a global practice that has become the common thread capable of bringing purpose to action and dialogue with the various stakeholders of a company,” stated LLYC Madrid’s Senior Corporate Communications Director Paco Hevia. “With this blog, we want to publish all our experience and perspectives on the matter to, in short, bring added value and knowledge to both organizations and society as a whole.”

The blog is publishing its first articles and technical notes today, including The Post-COVID-19 Company in Four Dilemmas by Paco Hevia; The Time for Philanthropy by Juan Cardona, senior director of the Leadership and Corporate Positioning Area at LLYC Madrid; and Communication Management for the 21st Century Company by Juan Carlos Burgos, Financial Communication manager at LLYC.