LLYC Foundation launches new website and releases annual report

The LLYC Foundation has launched a new website to reflect the rebranding of LLYC and released its Annual Report. As before and for the third year in a row, this report has been fully designed for Instagram. The look of both the Annual Report and the new website allow the LLYC Foundation’s activity in 2019 to be explained in attractive and creative ways.

Almost 400 volunteers dedicated 2,236 hours of their time in 2019 to support 21 different social entities through four projects and seven initiatives from which more than 800 people benefited.

José Antonio Llorente, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, believes that “21 organizations were helped by our activity in 2019 thanks to the effort and hard work of almost 400 volunteers. We also undertook a global project for the first time, entitled “Voces Futuras” [Future Voices], which involved volunteers at all our offices worldwide. Our workforce continues to grow, and we are very proud that more than 60% of our employees want to dedicate their time and knowledge to projects run by the foundation. Thank you to everyone who makes the LLYC Foundation possible.”

For Cristina Ysasi-Ysasmendi, Corporate Director at LLYC, “the new LLYC Foundation website reflects the efforts by the company and its volunteers to boost our social action by providing their knowledge and expertise. The results presented in the Annual Report 2019 are very positive and we are working hard to enhance our activity and to continue doing good things through the work of our volunteers. 2020 has brought with it some tough circumstances, and the LLYC Foundation has joined the fight against the pandemic and its difficult consequences through various projects and initiatives aimed at improving on those results in 2020.”

In recent weeks, the foundation has taken part in various initiatives aimed at dealing with the current health crisis caused by COVID-19, such as the Covichain Robots and David-19 projects. Covichain Robots is a highly significant initiative promoted by five professionals in various fields since early March, in which Sandra Figaredo from the Public Affairs area has been involved alongside other volunteers at the firm to coordinate a project that has shared scientific talent through contributions from various companies and support from public entities. It has resulted in robotic stations for various hospitals and benchmark centers enabling the automation of PCR sample processing tasks, exponentially multiplying the number of tests that can be performed and therefore helping to detect the disease.

David-19 is a tool from the Innovation Lab of the Inter-American Development Bank based on blockchain technology and focused on Latin America and the Caribbean via which every citizen can upload key information to build risk maps and understand how COVID-19 is moving through a region without releasing personal data.

Other ongoing projects include collaboration on raising the profile of humanitarian work in the Parish of St. Rita of Cascia in the Bronx (New York) and a commitment to reducing the number of early school leavers and increasing employability among young vulnerable people in partnership with the EXIT Foundation.

At the start of 2020, the LLYC Foundation successfully concluded its first global project: Voces Futuras [Future Voices]. Volunteers at the LLYC offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and the Dominican Republic worked in this unique project to help young people at risk of social exclusion enhance their soft skill techniques (related to communication and public speaking) to offer them useful tools for tackling their personal and professional future.

The LLYC Foundation is currently working with priority groups on causes related to the fields of education, health, nutrition and poverty. These groups include young people, the elderly, people at risk of social exclusion and persons with functional disabilities.

About the LLYC Foundation

The LLYC Foundation was set up in 2016 as a result of a project by the Impossible Tellers Foundation. Its mission is to help generate social value by sharing the talent and expertise of employees at LLYC, a global communication and public affairs consultancy firm.

The LLYC Foundation was made possible by the professionals at LLYC and their strong commitment to all the countries where the company operates. Through its projects and initiatives, the foundation focuses its social actions on supporting various groups at risk of social exclusion or with special needs by offering training and other activities, as well as by getting involved in work to raise the profile of various social causes.