Iñaki Ortega will run new Executive Training Department at LLYC

Iñaki Ortega joins LLYC to head up the creation and development of the Executive Training Department – a new department for the firm that seeks to upskill and reskill executives in communication, leadership, technology and innovation, which are decisive for professional performance, both present and future.

The training programs will be split into two categories: open courses and in company tailored courses. They will be taught by teachers from business schools, professional experts and executives. The first courses will be opened up in the month of January in DATA (Data-Driven Marketing and Communication Management), AGILE (Agile Management of Communication and Marketing Plans), ESG (Management of Environmental, Social and Relational Capital in Sustainable Companies) and MoT (Management Skills in Communication and at Moments of Truth).

Iñaki Ortega is a Doctor in Economics, a researcher and a lecturer with more than 25 years of experience at such universities as Icade, Deusto and UNIR. He is an adviser at the Ageingnomics Research Centre of the MAPFRE Foundation and the Director of Public Leadership Programs at the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE).

He has advised governments, universities and large corporations in the launch of their innovation and generational diversity programs; he was a Member of the Regional Parliament of the Basque Country and the Director-General of the Economic Development Agency of Madrid – Madrid Emprende. He has also run and taken part in more than 20 pieces of academic research in relation to entrepreneurship, open innovation, the impact of technology on employment and generational diversity for such entities as BID, Microsoft and Santander Universidades.

“At LLYC, we share the challenge with top management of adapting and improving professional skills to manage businesses in such a disruptive environment. With this aim in mind and under the auspices of such a well-recognized person in executive education as Doctor Iñaki Ortega, we launch a reskilling and upskilling offer that we are convinced will respond to the needs of senior management”, stresses Iván Pino, a partner at the firm.

Iñaki Ortega: “Only executives equipped with the latest trends and digital tools can aspire to lead the challenges that the new capitalism of purpose and the pandemic have brought with them”.