Javier Gibert, LLYC Venturing’s new Investment Director

Javier Gibert joins LLYC as LLYC Venturing Investment Director. In this position, he will address all stages of the investment process of the corporate venture initiative of the communications, digital marketing and public affairs consultancy: covering the search, identification, analysis and evaluation of new opportunities, including the investment itself and guidance in operations. He will do so with the support and expertise of the LLYC Venturing Investment Committee.

Gibert combines over a decade of experience in different finance positions with expertise in investment projects, entrepreneurship and venture capital. He has been working for Endeavor, a global non-profit organization based in New York, since 2018, with a commitment to fostering high-impact entrepreneurship with a focus on the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. Javier holds a degree in Bilingual Business Administration from CUNEF.

Marta Guisasola, CEO of LLYC Venturing, Partner and Chief Financial Officer of LLYC, says: ”It is a pleasure to welcome Javier Gibert as our new Chief Investment Officer. Drawing on his vision and experience, LLYC Venturing is poised to achieve all the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves”.

“It is a privilege to be able to take the reins of the Corporate Venture Capital unit. The fact that a large company, a leader in its sector, wants to commit and get involved in innovation with this degree of commitment is a clear reflection that progress, constant improvement and disruption are part of LLYC’s DNA”, says Javier Gibert.

LLYC Venturing is set to allocate up to five million euros in 20 projects over the next four years, between €50,000 and €500,000 for each one. The target investee companies are focused on the following sectors: software for digital marketing, artificial intelligence focused on communication and marketing, blockchain firms that allow to transform communication, IoT (Internet of Things) that improve human/machine communication and virtual reality companies that help improve immersive experiences.

Last June, LLYC Venturing made its first investment in Erudit. This US-based Spanish startup has developed a technology that harnesses Artificial Intelligence and NLP to improve talent management and team potential, with machine learning models focused on the study of workers’ personalities, mental health and work environment.