LLYC Foundation supported 43 social institutions in 2022, 10% more than last year

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This morning, LLYC Foundation, a communication, marketing, digital, and public affairs consultancy project, presented its “2022 Annual Report: Communicating to transform”. According to the publication, over the past year, the non-profit organization supported 43 social entities (10% up on last year), directly benefiting 859 people, in other words, three times more people than in 2021.

As a result, almost 40% of the workforce (415 volunteers) dedicated 2,157 additional hours to their workday as part of seven projects and two initiatives across the 12 countries where the company currently operates.

Furthermore, last year, the LLYC Foundation’s commitment was aligned with various causes and groups structured around social inclusion, the environment, and support for democracy. The following local and global creativity and communication transformation projects were developed, focusing on education, diversity, and gender equality, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

– These creative transformation projects include transparent, which aims to ensure the visibility of the barriers to the social and labor insertion of the transgender community in Spain to help encourage their recruitment.

– Two global transformation projects have been developed: Future Voices, which provides young people at risk of exclusion with tools to develop their soft skills and communication, and Women at Risk of exclusion, through communication training programs to promote the female empowerment of women and girls in vulnerable situations. 

– In addition to projects about education and gender equality, the Foundation has collaborated with local entities on five local transformation projects. These have been undertaken in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. 

Maria Cura, Chairwoman of the LLYC Foundation: “2022 has been a year bursting with enthusiasm and creativity, new projects, and a renewed Board of Trustees. We have achieved the goal of inspiring and transforming communication, further expanding our impact to generate social value. The Foundation is a source of inspiration for everyone working here. I want to thank everybody who has made this possible, the generosity and empathy of the 415 LLYCER volunteers, who are the main driving force in making an impact and generating the necessary change”.

According to Albert Medran, Director of the LLYC Foundation: “This year, we have enhanced the global impact of our projects and initiatives, tripling the number of beneficiaries. We have contributed to transforming social realities through the most creative ideas in communication, marketing, and public affairs. I want to highlight the expertise of our professionals who volunteered with their time to tell stories, amplifying projects that contribute to environmental, social, and support for democracy causes”.

Discover more details about the social impact of LLYC Foundation on its website and its Instagram profile.