The LLYC Shareholders’ Meeting agrees to a dividend of €0.132 per share

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The LLYC General Shareholders’ Meeting overwhelmingly approved all the items on the agenda. These include the approval of the financial statements for fiscal year 2022, the distribution of an extraordinary dividend, the appointment of an auditor and the authorization of the Board of Directors to directly or indirectly acquire treasury stock in accordance with the limits and requirements established by law. The meeting took place this Thursday at the consulting firm’s headquarters in Madrid, with the presence or representation of holders of 10.551.129 million shares, representing 90,64% of the share capital.

The approved extraordinary dividend of €0.132 per share will be charged to the share premium reserve, representing a total payout of approximately €1.5 million gross. It will be paid on July 17th.

During his talk, the Founding Partner and Chairman of LLYC, José Antonio Llorente, highlighted that “2022 was a good year for the firm”. He also referred to the Strategic Plan that the consultancy firm has just presented for 2023–2025. “We face the next three years with the same enthusiasm and also the same ambitious growth targets as when we started, convinced of the transcendence and relevance of our activities for society,” he said.

Alejandro Romero, Partner and Global CEO of LLYC, gave an overview of the main objectives of the new Strategic Plan. “We are looking to double our company’s size by the end of 2025, targeting €130 million in operating revenues and €27 million in EBITDA, yet maintaining a healthy margin of 21%. Much of this growth will be driven by innovation and technology. We are aiming for the Deep Digital unit to already account for half of total revenues,” he said. He also pointed out that €40 million will be earmarked for growth in key markets. “We firmly believe that we can achieve these goals. In three years’ time, LLYC will be more international, technological and egalitarian,” he concluded. 

José Antonio Llorente and Alejandro Romero ended their respective speeches by thanking LLYC’s board of directors, partners and professionals of the firm, clients, investors and collaborators for their work.