LLYC announces AI Media Activation launch to optimize digital marketing campaigns

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LLYC announces its AI Media Activation MarTech and AdTech technology suite to enhance marketing campaigns and advertising purchases. This groundbreaking initiative streamlines brand campaign planning, execution, and measurement and optimizes the lead generation and conversion processes to make them more effective. Highly customizable, LLYC’s latest AI-driven suite meets clients’ unique needs and existing technologies and functionalities.

Adopting such tools is crucial for optimizing branding and customer acquisition in a competitive, data-centric business environment. AI Media Activation addresses critical elements like first-party data, scalability, omnichannel integration, and adaptability to cookieless environments.

“We are committed to innovation and believe that user privacy, data-driven decision-making, and intelligent automation are essential to any business strategy. That’s why we are leveraging AI Media Activation,” says Luis Manuel Nuñez Maestre, Partner and Global Managing Director of Paid Media & Performance and Growth & Transformation Americas at LLYC. 

The suite offers various applications and advantages:

  • For retail, it helps target strategic audiences and channels and streamlines planning, campaign optimization, advanced analytics, and personalized customer experiences. 
  • With its lead optimization, AI Media Activation enhances lead generation to drive conversion through dynamic scoring models. This enables more effective marketing and sales strategies to capture and convert high-quality leads. 
  • In media planning, it provides data architecture and functionalities to revolutionize how brands plan and execute media strategies. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning, AI Media Activation raises awareness and bolsters branding efforts, ensuring each campaign achieves its maximum potential with the right balance of cost, coverage, and affinity. 

“AI Media Activation marks a significant stride in our pursuit of operational excellence and advertising efficiency. By consolidating multiple tools into a unified environment, this suite not only enhances our process management capabilities but also empowers us to address our clients’ specific needs and evolving challenges proactively,” notes Cesar Diez, Director of Paid & Performance Europe at LLYC. 

LLYC continues to strengthen its commitment to creativity, influence, and innovation by introducing AI Media Activation, as the company aims to reshape digital marketing and partner with clients to help them meet their business goals.