Global LLYC study looks at what tomorrow’s Latino leaders will be like

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a crisis in traditional leadership and accelerated social demand for new leadership models around the globe. To anticipate this evolution, and in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, LLYC has come together with Trivu, a global ecosystem that promotes opportunities for young talent, to present the Future Leaders project, an innovative study that uses NLP and AI technology to get to know the next generation of Latino leaders and compare them with contemporary ones.

“There is no doubt that this VUCA environment, accelerated by the pandemic, has created an enormous paradigm shift in terms of the reputation of and social appreciation for traditional leadership styles,” explained Jose Antonio Llorente, president of LLYC. “To anticipate this transformation, we conducted a disruptive research project around the key element for any leader’s excellence: Their communication.”

The personality analysis and profiling techniques used in this study have a solid scientific basis in the Big Five psychometric analysis model, based on Trait Theory. During the research, LLYC and Trivu used NLP techniques and AI to use this lens to process, among other things, 1,017,391 words, 11,771 tweets, 8,931 Instagram posts and 81 full speeches on YouTube from Latino leaders from both generations.

“With this project, we pursue a twofold objective,” stated Llorente. “On the one hand, we want to share a vision of the next generation of leaders, who, by adapting to the current situation, will inspire tomorrow’s society. On the other, we seek to celebrate these diverse young Latinos who are already taking steps to change the world.”

Based on an exhaustive analysis of each generation’s lingual footprint, this research uncovered these Future Leaders’ trends and personality traits. Their firm sense of discipline, strong tendency toward action, deep focus on cooperation and the collective and a resilient, positive and emotional leadership style are just some of the facets that distinguish this younger generation from today’s leaders.

Pablo Gonzalez Ruiz de la Torre, CEO of Trivu, added, “In a context where more than 41 percent of my country’s youth are unemployed, it is essential for us to uncover the trends that mark, and will mark, the style of leadership they will need to face. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an entire generation’s future grow tremendously uncertain. As such, now more than ever, we must create a vision of a future that connects, activates and empowers the talent of today’s youth to ensure they have a place in the world tomorrow. This report proves that even in the face of great challenges, greater opportunities and defeatist darkness, there is hope, thanks to the attitude and energy of the youngest among us. The time is here and now.”

In the United States, these young Latino leaders are Founder of Unquiet and gun control activist Emma Gonzalez; Harris County, TX, Judge Lina Hidalgo; CEO of Bloomer Tech Alicia Chong Rodriguez; CEO of Queerly Health and LGBTQ+ activist Derrick Reyes; Founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance and environmental activist Daniela V. Fernandez; Co-founder and President of AIME Rainier Mallol; Co-founder of Forefront Yulkendy Valdez; Texan immigration lawyer, politician and former candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives Jessica Cisneros; Co-founder of ImmSchools Vanessa Luna; and CEO of Clara Foods Arturo Elizondo. The full list of Future Leaders is available here.

About Trivu

Trivu is a global ecosystem that promotes opportunities to connect, activate and empower young talent with the end goal of generating real impact. It does all this by working with public and private organizations to solve all the challenges posed by their digital and cultural transformation. This is an organization that, after working with more than 100 entities around the world, has a clear purpose: To turn talent into an engine for change.