LLYC is committed to its Deep Digital Business unit with new leadership in the Americas

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As part of our goal to continue serving customers with innovative solutions that respond to market trends and needs, LLYC’s Deep Digital Business Unit has appointed four experts to lead the solutions offering in the Americas. 

Javier Rosado will take over the General Management of Deep Digital Business for Latin America, managing the business together with a team of 300 professionals. Luis Manuel Nuñez will be in charge of the Unit’s Strategy and Business Development throughout the Americas, focusing on market diversification and penetration as well as product development. Ernesto González will head the Deep Digital Business and César Vázquez Mánica will be the Director of the Deep Learning area, both in charge of the Northern Region (Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic). All four will be based in Mexico, one of the region’s most important operations in terms of size and turnover.

The Americas region represents a third of LLYC’s annual revenue (32%), and is an essential cog in the overall business, complemented by the Deep Digital Business Unit (32% of annual revenue) and the Europe region (36% of annual revenue). 

Deep Digital Business has been one of the most important initiatives of LLYC during the last two years, with the aim of strengthening the focus on innovation and technology to become one of the leading communication consultancies on the global stage. In 2021, the company invested €800 thousand in tools, processes and innovation projects, with an emphasis on the development of analytics with proprietary algorithms.

The Unit comprises the Deep Learning and Digital Influence areas of LLYC and the companies acquired in 2021, BESO by LLYC (Creativity & Data) and APACHE part of LLYC (Digital Marketing). It has a team of over 400 professionals: engineers, programmers, creatives, designers, influencers and digital marketing specialists, distributed across LLYC’s 12 operations in the Americas and Europe.

In this regard, Adolfo Corujo, partner at LLYC and CEO of Deep Digital Business, points out: “These four appointments reinforce our commitment to offer our customers the best of the disruption that artificial intelligence offers us in the fields of marketing, communications and public affairs. Our technology-based digital and creative business is growing considerably in all regions of Latin America, especially in Mexico, and with Javier, Luis Manuel, Ernesto and César, we have added four excellent professionals to a first-class team.”

In turn, Juan Carlos Gozzer, CEO of LLYC for Latin America affirms: “A comprehensive response to our customers’ challenges is only possible if we consider technology and a broad approach from a digital perspective. The Americas is a highly dynamic region where Deep Digital Business solutions, and the talent to lead them, are essential to our value proposition as a company.”

Who are the new Directors of Deep Digital Business in the Americas:

Javier Rosado was Communications Director of the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery, owned by CEPSA, and managed communications for Petresa and Interquisa. Before specializing in this field, he worked for Planeta publishing house and as a journalist in different media in Spain. He was Managing Director of LLYC’s Panama office for 10 years, and between 2018 and 2021, he held the role of Managing Director for the Northern Region (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama and Central America), until becoming Chief Client Officer of LLYC Americas, a position he is leaving today to assume the new regional position at Deep Digital Business.

Luis Manuel Núñez brings over 13 years of experience participating in digital innovation and consulting projects in Spain, England and Ireland. During his tenure at Google, he has helped launch numerous companies in a variety of industries. As a Partner of Apache Digital (now part of LLYC), he accompanied large accounts such as Havaianas EMEIA and the Hesperia Group to meet their business objectives, in addition to leading the development of proprietary technology solutions to offer differential services supported by exponential technologies. 

Ernesto González is a digital specialist. He was Managing Director of Operations and Director of Intelligence at the advertising agency BESO, now BESO by LLYC. He has focused his efforts on designing unique and effective solutions to help large companies work smarter and more effectively through the use of data and new technologies. He served as Senior Director of Deep Learning in the Northern Region and United States for LLYC from 2021 to the present.

César Vázquez Mánica is passionate about technology and innovation, a specialist in digital transformation with more than 12 years of experience developing business and communication strategies, designing work processes and providing big data consulting to various types of customers from startups to transnational brands. Until December 2021, Cesar served as Regional Business Intelligence Director at BESO by LLYC.

The structure of Deep Digital Business in the Americas rounds out with Federico Isuani’s General Management in the United States, and the Regional Management of David Martin Munoz for the Andean region and Diego Olavarría for the Southern region.