LLYC Brazil wins two Jatobá awards

LLYC Brazil has won two more Jatobá awards for its trophy cabinet. This is one of the most important communication awards in Brazil, providing recognition of such works as “Carne Paraguaya: La conoces y te encanta” [Paraguayan meat: You know it and you love it] and “Future Leaders”, which ran out winners in the International PR and Research in Communication categories, respectively.

This year’s edition has 21 categories, 10 of which were exclusively for large agencies and another 10 for so-called boutique agencies (both with the same awards), five geared to corporate competitors and private organizations, five to public organizations and one international category, open to all organizations and agencies. According to the organizers of Jatobá, this fifth edition of the awards received more early registrations than any other year, amounting to 96 in total, practically double last year’s figure.

LLYC – a finalist with five projects:

– “Historias de Dutra – Grupo CCR” [Stories of Dutra – CCR Group], in the Special Project category.
– “Carne Paraguaya” [Paraguayan Meat], in the International PR category.
– “Acepte lo Diferente” [Accept what’s Different], in the Integrated Communication category.
– “Future Leaders”, in the Research in Communication category.
– “El regreso en el Boeing 737” [The return of the Boeing 737], in the Press Office/Media Relations category.

The project Future Leaders consisted of the use of linguistic processing techniques, artificial intelligence and automatic learning to analyze how those under the age of 30 speak Spanish and Portuguese compared with current leaders, what they think and the values of this new generation. Through Future Leaders, LLYC basically sought to integrate technology in the task of understanding its public and references to certain chat communities using open data.

“The analysis means that a structural change can be identified in what leadership and communication in the future should be like. The pandemic has speeded up this trend that was already starting to appear – to more human, closer communication with a clear purpose and highly focused on action. This is precisely what will be demanded of these future leaders” explains Thyago Mathias, Managing Director of LLYC Brazil.

The winning project in the International PR category gathered three of the office’s specialized fields and reinforced the importance of the synergy between Chile and Brazil, which worked together at different times in 2020. The aim of the project was to generate knowledge on Paraguayan meat, highlighting its attributes to enhance its reputation, given that it is the most consumed meat in the Chilean market, but without knowing its origin.

To do this, a new brand was proposed and a narrative that underlined the product’s leadership in Chile. Based on that, new channels were developed (websites and social media), a digital marketing campaign and a strategy for relations, selecting and managing an ambassador for the initiative, backed by actions with influential Chileans related to the territories, the business and also the main media outlets.

“The project reflects LLYC’s value proposal. A project between several countries associated with the object of the business, based on creativity, strategy and digitalization with a view to proposing a new positioning for Paraguayan meat in Chile”, says Diego Olavarria, Director of the Deep Digital Business Department.