LLYC, communication consultancy firm of the year and the best perceived firm by the market

LLYC consolidates its leading position. It is the best perceived communication and public affairs consultancy firm by corporate decision-makers and, from among the large firms, the most highly rated by its clients. In addition, it is rated the leading firm by sector professionals and the media. This was revealed in the study PR SCOPE SPAIN 2021/22 on trends in the framework of client-consultancy firm relations and the detailed analysis of the perception and image of the communication consultancy firms that operate in Spain.

LLYC is the leader in spontaneous knowledge, in exemplary conduct (that is most closely aligned with the ideal consultancy firm) and in attraction (inclusion on short lists for prospects). It also heads up the list for 7 out of the 8 leading attributes by the market: service quality, team of professionals, strategic planning, capacity for innovation, integrated services, digital experience and data. Compared with the previous edition in 2019, the firm has climbed two positions in innovation and one in digital.

Better rating by clients

Although LLYC is, by a margin of 34% on the next firm, the business with the highest turnover in Spain, clients see it as a rising consultancy firm and show a high degree of satisfaction with its work. 73.3% of clients declared they are “very satisfied” compared with 45.5% in the previous edition. In other words, its rating has risen by almost 30 points. No client expressed their dissatisfaction. The average recommendation stands at 8.7 out of 10, above the market average. Clients highlight the team, the professionalism, the service, the commercial proactivity and LLYC’s commitment, above all. There is clear progress in its rating as a creative, innovative and digital consultancy firm.

LLYC is among the three consultancy firms with the highest rate of contribution to the growth of its clients’ businesses, 19.4% on average. This is almost three points higher than the market average and more than eight points higher than its direct competition.

Leading professionals

The study lists the leading professionals at communication consultancy firms, according to those interviewed. With a total of 61 names mentioned, LLYC is the communication consultancy firm with the highest number of professionals quoted. Seven appear among the top 50: José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and Chairman; Almudena Alonso, Senior Manager of Stakeholders Management; Arturo Pinedo, Chief Client Officer; David González Natal, Senior Manager of Engagement; Jorge López Zafra, Managing Director of LLYC Madrid; María Cura, Managing Director of LLYC Barcelona, and Nieves Álvarez, Senior Manager of Corporate Communication.

Luisa García, CEO of LLYC Europe, explains that “The good results of this report spur us on as a firm. They confirm that we are heading in the right direction, that both our clients and the market acknowledge the daily efforts being made to satisfy their needs. We are working increasingly to improve and bed down the leadership of the consultancy firm. No greater challenge exists”.

For the 2021/2022 edition, the consultancy firm Scopen interviewed 684 professionals, of which 360 work in companies (from 339 different companies), 258 work for communication consultancy firms and 66 are journalists representing the main media outlets.