Successful debut for LLYC on BME Growth

This morning, LLYC made its debut on BME Growth with an increase of 49.1%. The opening trade was at a price of 14.05 euros per share. The traditional ringing of the bell was performed by its chairman and founder, José Antonio Llorente, accompanied by three partners from the firm who are members of the Board of Directors, Alejandro Romero, Luisa García y Adolfo Corujo.

LLYC shares began to be traded at a reference price of 9.39 euros per share, which means that the firm’s opening value stands at 109 million euros, under the open market format, given its capitalization, the free float and the number of investors that hold share capital in the group, which, after the two initial share offerings made prior to its debut on the market, exceed 1,520 shareholders.

The opening bell was rung in accordance with strict measures due to the health restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and gathered together some 70 people at the Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid.

During his speech, José Antonio Llorente thanked investors for placing their trust in this project, and thanked the firm’s directors, its professional partners and the team at the group for pushing through and accompanying LLYC in its development to become a mature project to address its listing on the stock market. A milestone which, in the words of the chairman and founder, “justify the capacity for growth and the importance of the strategic communication sector in the economic and social recovery from the pandemic”. In his speech, he also tied in this potential to the opportunities stemming from incorporating exponential technologies and creativity in the traditional portfolio of communication and public affairs services, something which, as he recalled, represent a key driver of LLYC’s current growth plan.

LLYC will allocate the funds raised through its share capital increase to finance part of this business plan, which seeks to double the size of its business over the next four years and achieve turnover of 100 million euros.

José Antonio Llorente also highlighted that the company begins its long-term relationship with the market today and reaffirmed its commitment to best practices in terms of corporate governance. “A stock market listing means a profound exercise in transparency and the need to establish effective corporate governance, two facets that our customers are constantly seeking our advice and help on. What better calling card than your consultancy firm experiencing first-hand the challenges that the two issues represent”, he underlined in his speech prior to the opening bell.