LLYC Foundation projects benefited 1,321 people, a 53% increase

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LLYC Foundation, an initiative driven by the Marketing and Corporate Affairs company LLYC and its employees, made a significant impact in 2023. The foundation assisted 38 organizations across the 12 countries where LLYC operates. Through three major communications and creativity initiatives, they positively transformed the lives of 1,321 people, marking a 53% increase from 2022. Remarkably, a third of the team, totaling 452 professionals—a 9% increase from last year—volunteered additional hours outside of their regular work, collectively contributing 1,560 hours to these activities. These achievements are highlighted in the 2023 LLYC Foundation Annual Report: “Stories that transform”, now available for the 7th consecutive year in digital format.

Last year, LLYC Foundation collaborated with various groups and causes, focusing on two main themes: education and diversity, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The following sections highlight the global and local communication and creativity projects that have driven transformative change.

  • Doors of Hope. This project had the goal of visualizing the violence against the LGBTQI+ community in Mexico through art. In collaboration with Casa Frida and Galeria Hilario Galguera, seven artists interpreted the stories of resilience from people in the community on canvas. ‘Doors of Hope’ is a call for solidarity that positively impacted over 180 individuals navigating the journey towards acceptance.
  • Among the global transformation projects, Future Voices stands out by contributing to the development of at-risk youth by providing them with soft skills and communication tools. In the fourth edition of this initiative designed in 2023, more than 594 participants across 12 countries were trained thanks to the expertise and generosity of the firm’s professionals. 
  • Storytelling for social impact has been a recurring project for the past 7 years, in collaboration with IE University in Madrid through their Digital and Visual Media Masters program. Different groups of students develop realistic impactful campaigns with narratives aimed at creating social impact for various foundations.

Furthermore, in line with our commitment to collaborating with entities in the third sector, the LLYC Foundation has joined the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI), the foremost institution promoting social responsibility and philanthropy in Mexico.

Maria Cura, President of LLYC Foundation. “In 2023 we have accomplished our purpose and amplified our global impact, 53% more than last year. This has been due to the compromise and solidarity of each and every one of our volunteers, who always give the best they can so these projects become a reality. Our objective is clear. Generate social value through communication and transformative creativity. We narrate stories that deserve to be told and open a door to a reality often overlooked.”

“Every year there are more people who are benefited by our projects and initiatives. We can feel proud. Our mission is to use the expertise of our professionals to amplify projects from organizations that answer to social, environmental, and democratic causes by narrating stories through creativity” states Albert Medran, LLYC Foundation Director. 

Discover more details about the social impact of the LLYC Foundation through the website and on its Instagram profile.