LLYC wins five IPRA Golden World Awards 2020

LLYC has won five IPRA Golden World Awards 2020, the prestigious awards presented by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). These awards have been recognizing excellence in the practice of public relations worldwide every year since 1990.

The winning projects were “Invisible Solitude” (BBK) in the categories of Community Relations, Integration of Traditional and New Media and Corporate Responsibility; and “Screen Pollution” (Multiópticas) in the categories of Healthcare and Reputation and Brand Management, both developed by the Consumer Engagement team.

David González Natal, Partner and Senior Director of Consumer Engagement, said that both projects “sought to focus communication differently in two sectors – eye health and foundations – with very specific styles. My thanks to the panel for recognizing these two iconic stories with several awards. And my thanks, as always, to the clients who continue to place their trust in us in both cases, as well as to the teams who make these ideas shine”.