LLYC wins three prizes at the Latin American SABRE Awards 2021

LLYC’s operations in Mexico, Panama and Ecuador have won awards at the Latin American SABRE Awards 2021 held this week. These awards recognize the best communication campaigns in Latin America through the highest levels of strategic planning, creativity and business results. Specifically, “Los Cabos with care” for Los Cabos Tourism Board (LLYC Mexico), “Juntos somos Héroes” [Together we are Heroes] for Digicel (LLYC Panama) and “Ponte en mi piel” [Place yourself in my shoes] for Jabón Duet (LLYC Ecuador and McCann) won awards. Since these awards began, the firm has accumulated a total of 17 Latin American SABRE awards, granted by the prestigious publication PRovoke.

Alejandro Romero, Partner and CEO for the Americas said, “We are very proud to have won these awards. The focus on achieving business results and the challenges facing our clients are our watchword, and this recognition shows this constant focus. We are highly motivated to continue proving that in the Spanish-Portuguese speaking world, works are carried out at a global level”.

Following these new awards, LLYC has now won 105 awards and recognitions at national and international events so far this year.

The winning campaigns

Maintaining the reputation of the tourism destination and adapting the travel experience to the new needs and protocols following the outbreak of COVID-19 was the challenge facing the “Los Cabos with care” project, prepared by the LLYC Mexico office for Los Cabos Tourism Board, which won the award in the category of Crisis/Issues Management. The work provided for a series of actions, including obtaining various stamps and certifications and the creation of a Health Committee, as well as a re-opening plan in five phases, boosted by three promotion campaigns and a caring communication and public relations strategy. This all made it possible for Los Cabos to receive pre-pandemic levels of inbound tourists in June 2021, and it even received 65,500 more visitors than in June 2019 (an increase of 20.6%).

The project “Juntos somos héroes” [Together we are Heroes] was also framed against the backdrop of COVID-19 – a proposal developed by the LLYC Panama office for the telecommunications company Digicel, which won an award in the category of Central America. This multi-platform campaign won the award for its creativity and connection with brand activism at the worst point of the virus. On the one hand, it incentivized its customers to activate an unlimited data plan through which the company donated resources for the purchase of medical material. It also enhanced the visibility of the work of the organization “Héroes de Blanco” [Heroes in White], which coordinated this help with the medical directors of each hospital to attend to the exact needs of each center and help save lives during the pandemic.

For its part, and with the aim of enhancing the visibility of all types of gender-based violence, the campaign “#PonteEnMiPiel” [Place yourself in my shoes], prepared by the LLYC Ecuador operation, together with McCann for Jabón Duet, won an award in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility. This project seeks to denounce all forms of gender-based violence that women are exposed to, and calls on all men to place themselves in the position of women and react to these actions, ranging from small acts of male chauvinism to feminicide.