LLYC nominated for EMEA Consultancy of the Decade

LLYC has been chosen as one of the seven companies vying for the title of Consultancy of the Decade at the EMEA PR Agencies of the Decade awards organized by the leading international communication website, PRovoke. This nomination is especially significant given the scope of the recognition and because LLYC is the only consultancy firm headquartered in Spain among the nominees.

The nomination stems from a rigorous analysis process by the team at PRovoke that considers over 200 submissions and meetings with the best communication companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The seven finalists are “examples of outstanding innovation, thought leadership, talent development, creativity and business management”, said Arun Sudhaman, Editor-in-Chief of PRovoke.

LLYC is also a finalist in the category of Financial PR Consultancy of the Year at the 2020 EMEA PR Consultancies of the Year awards by PRovoke.

For José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and Chairman of LLYC, “just being nominated for EMEA Consultancy of the Decade is recognition unto itself. Every day, the partners and team of professionals at the firm do their utmost to help our clients achieve their goals and try to improve the world through communication. The celebrations are two-fold because we have also been included as the potential EMEA Financial Communication Consultancy of the Year, a highly sophisticated field with such talented players as Hering Schuppener, another of the finalists”.

The points highlighted by PRovoke in the nomination for Consultancy of the Decade include the sustained growth by the company, the number of specialist areas it covers, its expansion in America and the global partnerships it has developed.

In turn, the specialization achieved by the Corporate Financial Area of LLYC has led to its nomination for EMEA Financial Communication Consultancy of the Year. Led by Jorge López Zafra and specialized in both investor relations and consultancy services in diverse operations, such as M&A, stock market flotations and other capital market operations, this area has worked on the management of significant financial operations for clients including the acquisition of Xeal (formerly Ferroatlántica) by the TSSP Fund; the exclusion takeover bid for Natra by Investindustrial; and advised on the financial restructuring process of Deoleo; among others.

The winners of the two prizes will be announced at the online EMEA SABRE Awards 2020 gala event, a date for which has yet to be confirmed.