LLYC presents its Board of Directors

LLYC, which seeks to be listed on BME Growth, has finalized the process to transform itself into a limited liability company. The Board of Directors of this new company will be chaired by José Antonio Llorente and will be made up of nine Board Members, with a majority of women.

The Board of Directors of the company will not just be made up of directors of the former company, but also of new profiles with significant track-records in other professional fields that will decisively contribute to the growth project that lies ahead for LLYC.

The Board, chaired by José Antonio Llorente, also an executive director, will be comprised of three independent directors: Elena González-Blanco, Ana Busto and Barrie Berg; two proprietary directors: Francisco Sánchez-Rivas and Mónica Vidal and three other directors: Alejandro Romero, Luisa García and Adolfo Corujo.

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