LLYC presents COVID-19, the fourth book in its Challenges series

LLYC is publishing the fourth book in its Challenges series today, entitled COVID-19.

This book, launched in digital format, is a compilation of the main articles published by professionals at the firm during the first three months of the pandemic. They share relevant lessons on communications for brands, leaders, companies, executives and specific sectors that have been trying to deal with this unprecedented crisis.

The book contains thoughts, lessons learned and possible roadmaps under five separate headings: Brands during the time of COVID-19; Companies and leaders facing the pandemic; Talent management in uncertain times; Communications and the pandemic in America; and Unique challenges of an unexpected crisis.

The first three books in the Challenges series are Citizenship, Radical Transparency and Disruption. They represent just some of the publications from IDEAS LLYC, the company’s Leadership through Knowledge Center.

Jose Antonio Llorente, LLYC’s founding partner and chairman and author of the book’s prologue, believes “COVID-19 is a reflection of our work and knowledge in terms of communications from a global perspective. Without a doubt, it represents the first online book taking a comprehensive look at communications during the pandemic.”

Click here to access the book in full.