LLYC releases Managing Uncertainty, the 39th issue of UNO Magazine

IDEAS LLYC, the consulting firm’s Center for Leadership through Knowledge, has just released Managing Uncertainty, the 39th issue of UNO Magazine. The publication ponders the ways we can rise to this uncertainty and transform it into a source of courage, imagination and boldness. We wanted to provide a multidisciplinary approach in this edition, and therefore we have collected a dozen articles from various areas of the firm and its customers, adding expertise and diverse knowledge, to turn uncertainty into an opportunity.

The new issue of UNO includes an interview by José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and President of LLYC, with Cristina Garmendia, Chairwoman of the COTEC Foundation for Innovation. In it, Garmendia explains that “the mission of education, the way to prepare us for any future, and even more so for the one that is now on the horizon, marked by automation and volatility, is to offer basic tools to make the most of our human capabilities: critical thinking, teamwork, empathy, cross-cutting application of knowledge, leadership…”.

“Nothing would be worse than to be paralyzed in the face of these numerous uncertainties. Everyone’s responsibility, especially those in charge of companies and communication, is to learn to manage them, to discover the opportunities they offer to become more effective and resilient and to transform them, as far as possible, into windows of opportunity for improvement,” points out José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and President of LLYC, in the foreword of the publication.

The panel of analysts who have contributed to this 39th issue of UNO is composed of Pablo Turletti, CEO of ROI Marketing Institute; Enrique Feás, Senior Researcher at the Real Instituto Elcano; Etienne Huret, CEO of Natixis; Roberto Rocha, General Director of Teva Brazil; Mònica Costa, Communications Director of Covestro Spain; Víctor Lapuente, Professor of Political Science at Gotemburgo University, and Luis Echavarria, Manager of Estaciones de Servicio Repsol Mexico.

LLYC contributors are María Esteve, Partner and Managing Director of the Andean Region, Carmen Muñoz, Senior Director of Public Affairs, and Cristina Monge, Senior Advisor of Public Affairs and Professor of Sociology at the University of Zaragoza.

For yet another issue, the celebrated visual artist Marisa Maestre has illustrated the pages of UNO Magazine, delighting the reader with that combination of art and knowledge that defines her.

You can download the magazine here.