LLYC presents “Reimagining the Post-COVID World,” UNO Magazine No. 34

Produced by IDEAS LLYC, the firm’s Center for Leadership through Knowledge, UNO Magazine No. 34 “Reimagining the Post-COVID World” is available digitally in all the firm’s languages (Spanish, English, Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese) starting today. This edition attempts to shed light on the future of our post-pandemic world through 16 opinion articles written by senior executives in Spain, the United States and Latin America, as well as reputable members of academic and scientific communities worldwide.

The magazine contains opinions from 20 executives and experts from different countries. In it, they attempt to analyze the challenges we will face in the new normal, ranging from sustainability to healthcare and covering topics such as politics, employment, training, the new role of companies and their CEOs, fashion, new cities and big data.

The complete list of experts who have contributed to LLYC’s UNO34 is as follows: Oscar Martín, managing director of Ecoembes; Luz Rodriguez, doctor of Law and head professor of Labor and Social Security Law at the University of Castile-La Mancha; Maria Jesus Perez, managing director of ADAMS Formación and president of the Foundation for Training and Employment Quality and Innovation; Silvia Gold, president of the Mundo Sano Foundation; Adriana Dominguez, executive chairwoman of the Adolfo Domínguez group; Miguel Pereda, managing director and shareholder of Grupo Lar and board member of REIT Lar España; Antonio Huertas, president of MAPFRE and the MAPFRE Foundation; Ramon Aragones, managing director of the NH Hotel Group; Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete Coppel, former managing director of the Mexico Tourism Board; Ana Ariño, former executive deputy chairwoman and chief strategy officer of the New York Economic Development Corporation; Gianfranco Biliotti, manager of AMGEN in Colombia; Maria de Jesus Medina, doctor of Bioethics and Legal Medicine; Jose Ignacio Santos, secretary of the General Health Council of Mexico; Bernardino Leon, doctoral researcher in Sociology at SciencesPo; Roy Cobby, doctoral candidate in Digital Humanities at King’s College London; Juanma Zafra, codirector of the Data Science for Finance master’s program at CUNEF; Joan Navarro, partner and director of the Public Affairs area at LLYC; Juan Cardona, senior director of the Leadership and Positioning area at LLYC; Luisa Garcia, partner and general manager of LLYC in Spain and Portugal; and Paco Hevia, senior director of the Corporate Communication area at LLYC.

José Antonio Llorente, LLYC’s founding partner and chairman, stresses that “the future of the new normal will be extraordinarily open, and it needs input from everyone. That is why this edition of UNO Magazine welcomes reflections on multiple perspectives offered by stakeholders from throughout society, in collaboration with both public and private authorities.”

Prestigious visual artist Marisa Maestre has once again illustrated the pages of this UNO Magazine. Over a dozen original compositions accompany the texts in this latest edition, a publication that combines art and knowledge.