LLYC presents Creativity Time, UNO Magazine No. 36

IDEAS LLYC has just launched  UNO Magazine No. 36 titles Creativity Time. Its digital format is available today in all the firm’s languages. “Creativity Time” reflects on how creativity has become a key asset in the disruptive world in which we live.

The magazine includes 15 articles written by executives, experts, musicians, and writers, each of whom reflect on creativity and its role as a driving force for personal development, element of competitiveness at companies, and essential characteristic in the world of the arts.

The publication includes an interview with Pepita Marin, co-founder and CEO of We Are Knitters, a successful company that has brought the traditional art of knitting to younger generations. “Creativity as a concept has evolved, and it’s only logical to think of it – especially in these times – as yet another asset for a brand to harness in not only its image and communication, but also in how its teams are managed and how it expands and keeps growing,” she shares.

The panel of experts who have contributed to UNO Magazine No. 36 includes Rafa Anton, founding partner and executive Creative director of CHINA; Pablo Armagni, director of Communications and Image at Telefónica in Argentina; Victor Cruz, director of Service Strategy at FI Group; Nuno Cardoso, founder of the creative agency Nossa-Portugal; Vanesa Robles, chief Marketing & Communications officer at Banco Sabadell in Mexico; David Alayon, co-founder and chief Foreign officer at Innuba; Rafael Boisset, partner and director of Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría; Juan Ciapessoni, co-founder and head of Innovation at The Electric Factory; Tonico Pereira, director of Communications and Sustainability at Grupo CCR Brasil; Federico Isuani, co-founder of BESO; Colombian author Melba Escobar; and Argentinian musician Pipi Piazzola.

LLYC’s contributions were written by Ana Folgueira, partner and director of Creative Studio; Marlene Gaspar, director of Engagement and Digital in Portugal; Maria Esteve, partner and managing director for the Andes Region; and Carmen Julia Corrales, managing director in Mexico.

“This edition of UNO focuses on how to invoke creativity and incorporate it into our professional experience.” States José Antonio Llorente, founding partner and chairman of LLYC. “In its pages, readers will find articles about almost every key issue needed to familiarize themselves with this concept. Creativity is the best form of expression in the new world, which we are fast approaching. Without it, it is practically impossible to transform, reinvent, or innovate.”

Famous visual artist, Marisa Maestre, has illustrated the pages of yet another UNO Magazine. She has again delighted us  with her unique combination of art and knowledge.