LLYC receives favorable report from BME Growth for its admission to stock market

The Market Coordination and Admission Committee of BME Growth has issued a favorable evaluation report on the admission of LLYC to the stock market, validating that the company complies with all the requirements necessary to be listed on BME Growth.

This is an important step in the process that LLYC has initiated to become a public company. LLYC has also recently completed its transformation into a limited liability company and has approved the composition of a new board of directors, made up of nine members, which includes new profiles with significant track-records in different professional fields that will decisively contribute to its growth project.

The company is now waiting for approval by the Board of Directors of the definitive admission of its shares to the market and to set the date for its listing.

LLYC thus enters the home straight of its process to be listed on the stock market, an operation through which it hopes to secure 10 million euros that will be allocated to finance part of its growth plan and consolidate its international position. To this end, the company has launched two initial public offerings aimed at both institutional and retail investors. Once the share capital increases have been completed, their results will be published in an annex to its Prospectus, which is expected to take place within the next few days.

The new growth plan seeks to double the size of the group by 2024 and provides for four driving forces to achieve this goal: to integrate exponential technologies into its portfolio of services, to carry out value acquisitions to continue incorporating capacities that contribute to bed down the position that differentiates the group, to forge strategic alliances to gain a foothold in new geographic markets and to boost organic growth above market levels, which will act as the basis for its expansion and cash generation.

The position that LLYC has developed in recent years to stand out in the market combines its scope as a comprehensive provider in the world of communication consulting with capacities in creativity, marketing and technology, with a high degree of proximity to clients through local teams in each of the markets where it operates.