LLYC triumphs at Stevie Awards for Great Employers with “Ciao 2020”

LLYC’s work has been recognized yet again at an international event. On this occasion, the consultancy firm has received an award for its project “Ciao 2020”, developed by the Talent Engagement and Creative Studio teams for IKEA at the Stevie Awards for Great Employers 2021. The categories in which it received awards were Achievement in Employee Engagement, with a Stevie Silver Award, and Achievement in Internal Communications, with a Stevie Bronze Award.

María Obispo, Director of LLYC’s Talent Engagement department, received these awards enthusiastically. “We are pleased at the recognition of this work. CIAO 2020 is an excellent example of how the most interesting things happen when the team’s creativity is united with empathy with employees’ expectations and the desire of clients to do things differently. A project that reflect the pleasure it is for us to work with companies like IKEA”.

The international event – Stevie Awards for Great Employers – recognizes each year the best companies in the world to work for, and the human resources teams, professionals, achievements, new products and suppliers that help create and promote great places for their employees to work at.

In the year to date, LLYC has accumulated 99 awards and recognitions at the main national and international events (Cannes Lions, Brand Film, CLIO Awards and El Sol). It was chosen as the “Best Communication Consultancy Firm in Europe” at the PRWeek Global Awards 2021 and the “Best Communication Consultancy Firm in Southern Europe” at the EMEA SABRE Awards 2021.

About “Ciao 2020”

The prize-winning project at the Stevie Awards for Great Employers – a one-off Christmas campaign – has one component that was probably decisive in the jury’s deliberations: the employees as the genuine drivers of the company’s project. Christmas is a time of the year in which people look back and reflect while celebrating the coming year. But 2020 was profoundly marked by the pandemic and created tremendous professional and personal difficulties in addition to the emotional shutdown and disillusion at not being able to celebrate traditional gatherings. IKEA faced the challenge of maintaining the illusion at seeing off a very tough year, overcome thanks to team spirit, a desire to prevail and the commitment that are so characteristic of its collaborators.

How was this achieved? Listening to music positively affects the psycho-biological stress system, according to US NLM. And this was precisely the basis for the creative idea of inviting IKEA collaborators to release endorphins through rhythm, specifically through “Ciao 2020” – a song composed exclusively by the singer David Otero and created based on everything that professionals wanted to say as a send-off to 2020.

As if it were “group therapy”, the song was accompanied by a video clip starring the company’s collaborators. Both pieces were presented at the first internal digital Christmas event for all the employees who were, in turn, taken by surprise by an exclusive concert given by the singer.