LLYC Unveils 2023 Annual Report Through AIRO, the Avatar of Its Global CEO

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LLYC has presented its 2023 annual report through AIRO, the avatar of Alejandro Romero, Partner and Global CEO. This innovative and engaging format reflects the Marketing and Corporate Affairs firm’s dedication to innovation. LLYC utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technologies to provide creative and disruptive solutions internally and for clients. This maximizes the impact and efficiency of corporate communications.

The annual report highlights that 2023 was a year of innovation, diversity, and excellence for LLYC, indicating a promising future. The company confirmed its strong financial position and commitment to talent, creativity, and sustainability while also striving to generate social value through the LLYC Foundation’s programs and initiatives.

“In a world where being bold and staying ahead is essential, we’ve shown once again that we can innovate. AIRO is proof of that,” said Alejandro Romero, Partner and Global CEO of LLYC. “In 2023, our focus on creativity, data, and technology was crucial to our success in Corporate Affairs and Marketing. We’re also staying true to our commitment to diversity and talent. As we look ahead, we’re optimistic and confident about continuing to lead and transform our industry.”

All about innovation

Investing in innovation has led to the creation of a unique AI reputation measurement model. According to the Complutense University of Madrid, this model outperforms market leaders by 20 points in accuracy and has analyzed over 850 million messages. Last year, LLYC launched AIgent, a generative AI solution for specialized knowledge conversations. This expertise is driving technological advancements, focusing on data intelligence and software development being crucial for business transformation for both LLYC and its clients.

Empowering talent

In 2023, LLYC invested in becoming a more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and multidisciplinary company. The team grew to 1,181 professionals, a 5% increase from 2022, with women making up 63.8% of the workforce and holding 52% of leadership positions. There were 169 promotions, 66% of which were women, and two new partners were announced, showcasing the company’s commitment to comprehensive team development and a sustainable work environment.

Strong financial results

2023 was a successful year for LLYC, marked by strategic investments and market consolidation. The firm reported total revenues of €101.4 million, operational revenues of €83.1 million, and a recurring EBITDA of €18.5 million. Nearly half of the revenue came from Marketing services, with €1.3 million invested in R&D&I to further integrate AI into its offerings. These achievements reflect commercial efforts, a robust client portfolio, and a commitment to innovation and technology.

Thought leadership

LLYC has solidified its position as a thought leader by combining human analysis with big data to enhance its publications. The company released 19 IDEAS and 21 reports covering relevant industry topics from various regions, available in four languages. These publications have garnered over 5,000 mentions and attracted more than 120,000 website visitors.

Creativity awards

LLYC’s blend of creativity and effectiveness has earned numerous accolades. In collaboration with clients, the firm received over 890 awards at major international and national industry events, including 78 awards in 2023 from El Sol, The One Show, CLIO Awards, FIAP, and C de C. LLYC was also named BEST AGENCY TO WORK FOR 2023 by SCOPEN and received Great Place to Work certification in 12 operations, recognizing it as an excellent global workplace.

ESG commitment 

LLYC has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and ESG, and rating providers like Refinitiv and Clarity Ai recognize it for its performance in environmental, social, and governance areas. The company’s environmental policy focuses on responsible purchasing, a circular economy, and sustainable office practices. It has calculated its global carbon footprint and implemented measures to reduce it, including proper waste management and energy-efficient technologies.

The LLYC Foundation

The LLYC Foundation achieved excellent results in 2023, aiming to generate social value through transformative communication and creativity. The foundation enables professionals in 12 countries to contribute to projects with a positive social impact. 

In 2023, the foundation supported 38 social entities through four projects, benefiting over 1,370 people. The flagship project, Future Voices, involved more than 120 volunteers helping 594 at-risk youths develop communication and public speaking skills, equipping them with tools for a confident future. Additionally, the foundation collaborated on various donation campaigns, providing toys, school supplies, and food across different countries.