LLYC Venturing has invested in Vottun, a startup specialized in Web3 solutions

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LLYC Venturing, a company of LLYC SA (BME:LLYC), has invested €200,000 in Vottun. This capital injection will help boost the growth stage of this Spanish startup dedicated to Web3 infrastructures. 

Web3 environment development and use could come with multiple complications for any company, since having an infinite number of blockchains jeopardizes a myriad of factors and issues concerning cybersecurity, credential protection, data exposure, certain legal considerations, etc.

Through innovative and ready-to-use solutions like RESTAPIs, templates and its multiblockchain platform, Vottun lets users switch from one to another in a single click, simplifying and minimizing the risks of adopting this environment, thus placing its customers on a privileged technological footing in their digital transformation journeys.

The Barcelona-based Vottun is helmed by Luis Carbajo, Co-founder & CEO and Marta Vallés, Co-founder & Business Development. Luis holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the University of Michigan. He was Amazon USA’s first Spanish director and in charge of Customer Experience worldwide. He also served as Marketing Director at Vistaprint Europe and Managing Director of Solostocks. Forbes ranks Marta among the top 10 Spanish female executives leading the financial sector. She is part of the Top 100 women entrepreneurs in Spain. She founded Messless Distributions and was shortlisted for the 2021 DonaTIC Awards.

Vottun’s technology has garnered well over 40 awards and accolades in recent years. It was voted as the Best Startup by the Spanish financial newspaper Expansión and recognized as one of the top 50 startups in Spain by the Spanish magazine Emprendedores. The company also received the award for the best innovation at the 2020 BNEW event from the hands of King Felipe VI and Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez.

The investment in Vottun, the third after Erudit and Digital Audience, fulfills LLYC Venturing’s commitment to innovation and growth through the development of technologies capable of facilitating the search for the best solutions for our customers. LLYC Venturing intends to allocate €5 million in 15 projects over the next 4 years, investing between €50,000 and €500,000 in each one.

Ibo Sanz, Managing Director at LLYC Venturing: “Our customers are calling for new ways to engage with their audiences. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Vottun in providing a secure and scalable environment for developing these projects.”

“We are very happy to add LLYC to our project, defined as the WordPress of Web3. Our mission to bridge the full potential of Web3 and help companies adopt it is bolstered by LLYC’s expertise and positioning as a leader in the field. We strongly believe that LLYC’s active contribution to Vottun will increase our reach and allow us to accelerate our growth exponentially,” assures Luis Carbajo, Co-founder & CEO of Vottun.