LLYC and AENOR collaborate to boost the recovery of companies through confidence

LLYC and AENOR have signed a partnership agreement aimed at boosting the capacity to create confidence in organizations among their stakeholders regarding their commitment to the values demanded by society. Accordingly, the competitiveness of companies will be boosted, along with their capacity to overcome the impacts of the coronavirus crisis. According to the 2021 edition of the “The importance of Brand Trust to consumers” report, 88 % of those surveyed claim that they tend to buy more, and more often, products or services from companies in whose brand they trust.

Both the services provided by AENOR on certification, training and information, and those by LLYC on communication consultancy and public affairs have the effect of improving reputation and the confidence inspired by these organizations. With the novel value proposal now being launched on the market, the two companies can combine the effect of their services in conveying their commitment to good practices in such areas as sustainability, compliance, security, the digital transformation and other areas related to the values society demands from organizations.

The collaboration is established on the basis of the utmost transparency and autonomy in decision-making by the parties, thus guaranteeing strict compliance with prevailing certification procedures and the utmost objectivity to clients and their audiences.

LLYC and AENOR are two leading entities in their sectors, widely recognized and appreciated for the quality of the services they provide. This is a proposal at the level of the new solutions needed to tackle a new environment, in which both organizations have already shown their swift ability to adapt; AENOR through its design of Confidence Platforms and LLYC through the development of its strategy entitled Embrace the New Normal so as to respond to the new challenges of the socio-economic context caused by the pandemic.

For Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, “new solutions increasingly require the combination of the capacities of entities with complementary visions, such as LLYC and AENOR; which, on this occasion, are collaborating to promote that the companies genuinely committed to good practices receive the recognition they deserve”.

José Antonio Llorente, Chairman of LLYC, declared that “organizations are required, now more than ever, to pass on to their stakeholders the way they act based on a clear corporate purpose that provides a response to the demands of the society in which they operate and, as part of this process, the key is sustained credibility based on proven facts”.


AENOR is an entity that provides professional services that identify and correct the competitiveness gaps of companies, sectors and the economic fabric in general. It contributes to the transformation of society by creating trust between organizations and people through services that address their conformity (certification, inspection and testing), training and information.

AENOR is the leading certification entity in Spain, which undertakes its operations in 87 countries. More than 83,000 work centers around the world have some form of AENOR certification in fields including Quality Management, Sustainability, the Verification of Non-Financial Information, Animal Welfare, Health and Safety at Work, Digitalization and Compliance.