LLYC and t2ó partner up to help grow digital business of their clients

LLYC and t2ó, a company focused on digital solutions, are joining forces to undertake projects together that will help their clients enhance their digital business with an international outlook.

Within the context of this new normal, companies need to continue transforming the way in which they highlight their offer and make their services available to clients. They need to approach this process from a perspective that focuses on their purpose, value proposition and the way in which they engage in relations with the people on whom their business depends. This effort requires the traditional barriers between disciplines to be overcome, such as technology, marketing, e-commerce, communication, brand management, reputation, engagement with their team and partners, corporate and regulatory affairs, and logistics.

With that in mind, the experience of LLYC and t2ó in these areas will allow them to provide their clients with a comprehensive outlook on the entire process; firstly in Spain, Mexico and the United States, but over the coming months, in every single market where the two companies operate.

Adolfo Corujo, Partner and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of LLYC, believes that “t2ó has a first-rate team that, over the last 16 years, has enabled them to help dozens of companies grow by developing their business in the digital realm. We share the same vision of a consultancy firm focused on results and we are sure that the partnership we are now strengthening represents an important step in the evolution of what we offer our clients. With t2ó, we are enhancing our ability to connect the business targets and reputation of companies we work for, one of the key lines of actions we have committed to in our strategic plan.”

Alfonso del Barrio, Managing Director of t2ó, said “under this agreement, two companies with a similar track record and complementary capabilities are joining forces. Based on a shared priority of communication and from an eminently consultative approach, we will focus our efforts on achieving the business targets and results of our clients. Alongside LLYC, we can consolidate the positioning, image and responsibility of brands vis-à-vis society in this new reality that we find ourselves in, where brand trust and understanding is now more fundamental than ever before. For both companies, our international outlook and obsession for innovation to help companies tackle their digital adaptation process in this new global paradigm are other aspects that unite us and will no doubt help us offer effective and efficient solutions for the projects we work on together, while collaborating in this exciting future that lies ahead.”

About t2ó

t2ó is an independent consultancy firm mainly focused on comprehensive digital solutions for brands that need a strategic and dedicated partner. It helps increase sales and raise the value of its clients in the digital ecosystem.

The t2ó group has been offering customized digital marketing solutions for over 15 years via operations in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Italy (Milan and Trento), Mexico (CDMX) and the United States (Houston).

Certified by the main leading partners in the technology sector, the company has a team of over 200 professionals committed to offering its clients the knowledge and experience capable of guaranteeing business target achievement.