LLYC Venturing set up to invest in start-up projects

The most innovative large corporations and start-ups will work together with the perspective that innovation will improve the competitive edge of the former and help the latter grow. In this context, and to strengthen the entrepreneurial system, LLYC Venturing is launched – a corporate venture initiative headed up by LLYC (Llorente y Cuenca) – designed to invest in start-ups with a high growth potential in their initial stages. This will focus on key markets where the consultancy firm operates (Europe and the Americas).

LLYC Venturing plans to invest up to a maximum of 5 million euros in 20 start-up projects over the next four years, with an investment of between 50,000 and 500,000 euros per project. The firm will acquire a minority percentage of their capital, seeking to boost co-investment at the entry of LLYC Venturing in the market. The projects will be analyzed by a team headed up by Marcos Aubeso, Investment Director of LLYC Venturing, and approved by an Investment Committee made up of Luisa García, CEO of Europe; Alejandro Romero, CEO Americas; Adolfo Corujo, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer; Marta Guisasola, CFO, and Francisco Sánchez Rivas, member of the Board of Directors of LLYC SA. The funds will come from the consultancy firm LLYC (Llorente y Cuenca SA).

The companies that LLYC Venturing seeks to invest in will mainly operate in the following sectors: software designed for digital marketing, artificial intelligence focused on communication and marketing, blockchain firms that enhance the transformation of communication, the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve communication between people and machines and virtual reality companies that help improve immersive experiences.

“We want to help start-ups grow. Furthermore, our proximity to them will allow us to strengthen our value proposal”, stresses José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and Chairman of LLYC.

LLYC Venturing will bolster the firm’s competitive position in the future. Through this investment vehicle, the consultancy firm strengthens its commitment to innovation to offer the solutions its clients are calling for. Its creation is framed within the launch of the Deep Digital Business (DDB) offer, which it is estimated will account for half of the consultancy firm’s billing in four years.