Re-organization of LLYC in Europe

LLYC has a new management structure in Europe, with the dual aim of developing its ambitious growth plan and of continuing to boost the professional career of its most valuable professionals.

Luisa García has been appointed as the firm’s CEO in the region after two and a half years as Managing Director. She will head up the Executive Committee in Europe, design the firm’s growth strategy in the region and will be reported to by the managing directors of the different offices.

Arturo Pinedo will become Chief Client Officer for Europe, a key position designed to ensure that clients continue at the heart of the business. He will also head up the global Client Quality Plan. He will report to the group’s Chairman and continue to be a member of the global Executive Committee.

Jorge López Zafra has been appointed as Managing Director of the Madrid office. Until now, he headed up the Corporate and Financial Communication Department with excellent results and successful cases.

The re-organization is completed with the promotion of Luis Guerricagoitia as Senior Manager of Financial Communication, specialized in advising on operations in the capital market, investor relations and communication by listed companies. Carmen Muñoz will also take on a new position as Senior Manager of Public Affairs, heading up the whole department in this specialized field at the Madrid office, which currently has the highest turnover.

José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and Chairman of LLYC, stresses that “the firm’s new structure in Europe is adapted to our needs at this time. This allows us to tackle the challenges and the period of strong growth we have proposed. This growth allows us to develop the organization and boost the professional careers of our best professionals, always placing our clients at the heart of the business”.

The region of Europe (which includes the operations in Spain and Portugal) continues to be very important for LLYC’s business, accounting for half of all turnover. Aside from its organic development, it enjoys inorganic development through operations. The latest has been the acquisition of APACHE, in the field of marketing and digital performance. At this time, LLYC is the number 1 firm in Spain, considerably ahead of the next ranked firms, and we have recently been recognized as the best communication consultancy firm in Continental Europe by PR Week.