Recycling, committed to a more sustainable lifestyle now in NXT IN MKT

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The International Consumer Engagement team is tackling a new topic this month: Recycling. Transcending passing fads, this concept entails a commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle in every sense of the term: from buying second-hand clothes to achieving a circular economy. 

This trend has taken hold, especially among young people, prompting brands to respond to these new social concerns and engage in permanent actions. 

This issue’s podcast features David González Natal, Partner and Managing Director, Northern Region, and Patricia Cavada, Senior Engagement Director at LLYC, discussing how new forms of sustainable living have gradually found their way into brand positioning and advertising.

We will also dive into articles from executives such as Soledad Cabut, Marketing Manager at Nespresso Argentina, and Renata Nascimento, Director of Corporate and Internal Communication at Volkswagen Brazil to learn how prominent brands are implementing this new trend not only in their advertising, but also in the very foundations of their companies through initiatives such as upcycling, recyclable packaging and waste reuse, to name but a few. 

We’ll also hear from Dianeth Salazar, Vice President of Organizational Development at Cochez y Cia in Panama, comments on how recycling is one of the most viable options to innovate and undertake new forms of alternative production. 

Mariela Moronta, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Hanes Brands in the Dominican Republic, tells us about her Textile Recovery Project (TRP), which focuses on the responsible textile waste management in the DR.

We’ll wrap it up with Alex Nano, Global Marketing Director of the AJE Group in Peru, as he explains how he managed to get Machu Picchu named a carbon neutral site in 2022. 

A must listen!