We reached the first place in the PR Consultants Ranking according to Merca 2.0.

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Merca 2.0, the leading magazine in marketing, advertising, communication, and public relations in Mexico, recognizes us as the number one in Mexico, positioning us as the Best Public Relations Consultancy in the country.

This achievement is a testament to the company’s dedication and commitment to excellence in the field of public relations. The ranking evaluates agencies based on various criteria, including the billing index, employment index, account index, and digital metrics. Our scores in these indicators have significantly improved, reflecting our ability to offer comprehensive solutions and adapt to the ever-evolving digital trends.

In a world where reputation and communication are more important than ever, our team in Mexico has demonstrated its ability to face challenges and deliver exceptional results to our clients. The pandemic, changes in consumer behavior, and digitalization have been key factors that we have successfully addressed.

“It is a great pride to see how all the innovations and growth of LLYC are bearing fruit, not only in recognitions like this first place in the Merca2.0 Public Relations Agencies Ranking but also in the satisfaction of our clients. This position reflects our role as industry leaders and demonstrates our ability to anticipate and adapt to changing market demands,” celebrates David González Natal, Partner and General Director of LLYC Latam Norte.

For his part, Mauricio Carrandi, General Director of LLYC Mexico, comments that “this success underscores our team’s ability to anticipate and adapt to significant changes in the industry and market. My deepest gratitude to our clients and the entire team whose dedication makes these results possible. We will continue striving not only to achieve our goals but also to be pioneers in the industry, leading the way to the future of public relations.”

The first place in the Merca2.0 PR Agencies Ranking motivates us to continue working hard to offer innovative solutions and exceptional results to our clients. We will continue to grow and consolidate our position in the market.

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