What’s Up Health, LLYC’s new platform on the latest trends in the healthcare sector

What’s Up Health is Health LLYC’s new global platform, which aims to analyze and delve into the latest trends in the healthcare sector. It brings together several healthcare and pharmaceutical industry professionals from various countries in the Americas and Europe, to offer a unique and distinctive vision of the new trends towards which the sector is heading.

Meanwhile, Javier Marín explains: “This global platform will enable us to address trends in the healthcare sector in the respective markets where we operate. We will have the vision of invited experts, creating a space of interest and reflection for all the actors in the healthcare ecosystem, from the medical community, companies, patients, scientific societies, journalists, the media and institutions.”

Each month, the platform will address a new trend through different, attractive and inspiring formats and approaches: videos, podcasts, reports, surveys, opinion pieces and in-depth analysis. Experts from LLYC and invited companies will also participate to bring a unique perspective to a sector that is a priority for everyone, healthcare, which is in the midst of a post-pandemic transformation.

This first month we focus on digitization at full speed. It sets out how the sector is changing post-pandemic and shows how the drive for a digital transformation of the healthcare sector is needed. We publish an opinion piece by Gina Rosell showing all the new opportunities that are emerging in order to continue moving towards a true digital transformation of healthcare and healthcare systems.