What’s Up Health and digitization: the promising potential of artificial intelligence and big data in healthcare

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LLYC’s global Healthcare team has launched a new post on the “What’s Up Health” platform. The post, titled “Digitization: AI and Big Data trends,” highlights the potential of artificial intelligence and big data in the healthcare industry. 

The healthcare sector is undergoing a revolution with the emergence of AI, and big data is expected to penetrate the healthcare industry faster than any other industry. The global healthcare big data market is estimated to grow steadily, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36% until 2025.

According to Marta Alonso, Senior Director of Deep Digital at LLYC USA, and Ana Lluch, Healthcare Coordinator at LLYC Americas, AI has a wide range of benefits and applications in the healthcare industry. These include the development of new drugs, personalized treatments, and enhanced patient selection for clinical trials

Roberto Carreras, Senior Director of Voice Marketing at LLYC and Founder of Voikers by LLYC, explains how the AI-powered analysis of voice biomarkers can be used to diagnose certain diseases early and improve patient care.

Aside from the medical aspect, AI also enables us to understand and listen to patients beyond their symptoms to improve their care journey. LLYC’s Deep Learning team uses Big Data and machine learning techniques to identify insights in the patient’s conversation and combat prejudice and misinformation. Tania Navarrete, Intelligence Manager at LLYC Madrid, sheds light on this innovative approach. 

While only some AI solutions are ready to be used in the healthcare environment, healthcare administration will likely reap its greatest benefits in the coming years. Gustavo Entrala, Senior Advisor for Healthcare at LLYC, believes there could be a productivity boom for healthcare professionals. Promises such as virtual doctors may still be a few years away. 

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