Perceptions, Speeches, Myths and Realities: companies facing the environmental agenda in the Era of Reputation

Together with Ernesto Cussianovich, Associate Director of Poliarquía Consultores, I have drafted this article on the relation between companies and the environment. Now, in this reputation era, companies have no room for mistakes as regards environmental management; a key aspect for any operation. This is a complex challenge: on one hand, the world is well-aware of the gaps in this affair and, on the other, myths and prejudices that have been promoted from various sectors further difficult this situation.

While controversial industries have been targeted by Governments and NGOs for decades, nowadays most companies from all sectors and sizes are strongly required to be environmentally responsible.

In addition, the younger generations have been born with a strong environmentalist agenda and strongly support it on social networks. However, several studies show that they base their opinions on impressions, rather than information and thus, they lack proper knowledge on this matter. Therefore, communication becomes a key factor.

If hope you find this article enjoyable.

Pablo Abiad, Partner and Managing Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA Argentina

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