The Ailments of Blood

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The role of communication when symptoms, treatment, and care take time to emerge.

For many years, public health experts have tried to define the concepts of health and disease. A publication by the School of Public Health of the University of Antioquia, Colombia, states that, since both are experiences so close to people, their definition is particularly complex. But after a simple survey, it was deduced that when people think of disease, it is associated with the damage or alteration of the functioning of some organ or part of the body, but that it is difficult to think of blood diseases.

However, in some cases, blood diseases can be complicated and become serious given that symptoms take time to appear and this causes a late visit to the specialist. According to some hematologists, people tend to confuse this medical specialty with laboratory personnel, which makes it difficult for the patient to know who to go to in order to learn more about hematological diseases and get a better prognosis.

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