The first 100 days of Alberto Fernandez

The first one hundred days of a government are usually considered a precedent, based on which it is possible to forecast some of its guiding principles. During this period, the presidential imprint and style are defined. In the case of Alberto Fernandez’s Argentina, this stage is even more relevant, considering the fact that his party is a coalition between different factions of Peronism that now coexist in power.

The complexity of these coexisting political forces is further enhanced by a fragile economic and social scenario that the new Argentine government must face, with an economic recession—drops in the GDP of 2.5% and 2.1% in 2018 and 2019 respectively—and a high inflation (over 50% last year). Furthermore, society has been seriously affected by the crisis and hefty foreign debt, of about 97% of the country’s GDP, both with private creditors and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that must still be addressed. Added to this is the looming coronavirus crisis, causing further turbulence.

In “The first 100 days of Alberto Fernandez” you will find an analysis of this situation carried out by Mariano Vila, Partner and Managing Director at LLYC in Argentina; Lautaro Mazzeo, Public Affairs Director at LLYC in Argentina; Hernan Maurette, specialized in public affairs and communications; Teban Kim, Founder & CEO at THET Studio, and Kevin Aguiar, Research & Planning area Cordinator at THET Studio.


Mariano Vila
Lautaro Mazzeo
Hernán Maurette

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